The Central Council was a political ruling body on the planet Genarius.

Initially, the cities of Generius, which had been built autonomously, were also ruled autonomously, each of them having their own governor. However, when crime lord Riboga the Hutt decided to settle on Genarius and chose the city of Tolea Biqua to reside in, he found the situation undesirable: should the other cities ally against him, the different power groups in them could challenge Riboga's power.

Riboga, who had organized smugglers in a crime network, decided to organize the individual city governments in a similar way. He firstly talked with the different governors, appealing to their greed and showing how they could economically profit from an association. Although there were dozens of cities, Riboga only approached to five of the most important cities, holding a 50% of the total planetary population, but a 90-95% of the wealth and productivity.

The Central Council initially included two representatives of each of the five cities, and Riboga himself as the Council Chair. The other, smaller cities, begging for power and recognition, paid a tribute to the Council in a racketeering scheme which was supposed to give them eventual vote in the Council, although only the small cities supposed that. Every two years, the Council was completely renewed, with Riboga choosing the new members. The cities kept their basic autonomy, but the Council was to approve any new trade relation with an extra-planetary interest.

Eventually, Riboga felt satisfied with the status quo and authority of the Council, and left the Chair, although he still manipulated the Council from behind the scenes. The Council maintained Riboga's vision, including the abusive extortion to weaker cities and the mandatory retirement after two years. The Chair was chosen at that point, from among the members of the retiring Council.

The member cities of the Council, as of 32 BBY included Edic Bar, Friz Harammel, Ipsus, Tolea Biqua and Varna Biqua.

Behind the scenesEdit

When the Living Force Campaign Guide discussed Riboga setting up the Central Council, the "result" was said to be a council with representatives from Ipsus, Edic Bar, Tolea Biqua, Varna Biqua, and Friz Harammel. However, Ipsus and Edic Bar were not founded until after Riboga left the Cularin system, so the five cities listed would be seen as the ultimate result as of 31 BBY. What is unknown is if the original Council represented only three cities, or if Ipsus and Edic Bar forced out two of Genarius' lesser cities from representation.