Courteous control: "You're highly welcome, and we hear you have an interest in statistics."
Lando: "Permutations and combinations of the number seventy-eight, Courteous—fives are wild."
Courteous control inviting Lando Calrissian aboard to play Centran sabacc[src]

Centran sabacc was a variation of sabacc originating from the Centrality. Instead of the typical seventy-six card deck, in which each face card appeared twice, Centran sabacc used a seventy-eight card deck. Each face card appeared only once, and aside from the normal face cards (Queen of Air and Darkness, Endurance, Balance, Demise, Moderation, The Evil One, The Star, and The Idiot), it also included several extra ones (The Destroyed Starship, The Satellite, The Wheel, Hazard, and the Universe). In addition to the normal ranked cards (Commander, Mistress, Master, and Ace), there was another rank known as Legate, which had a value of 11 but trumped an ordinary 11 in case of a tie. These extra cards made a Centran sabacc deck the preferred deck across the galaxy to use when telling fortunes.

Lando used his sabacc deck to tell his own fortune and explained the various meanings of the cards to Vuffi Raa. Lando often identified himself with the Commander of Staves, which he referred to as "a messenger on a fool's errand." The Destroyed Starship represented cataclysmic changes in the near future, death and destruction. The Satellite mostly means deception, deceit, and betrayal. The Wheel represents good and bad luck as well as random chance. The Universe means a chance of success.

When playing Centran sabacc, fives were wild, which was to say that they could be "claimed" to be any other number (presumably not a face card) that was needed in order to create a certain hand.