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The Cereans were a species of sentient mammals hailing from the planet Cerea. They were distinguished by their enlarged conical cranium that contained a binary brain. The Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, who sat on the Jedi High Council during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, was a Cerean male.

Biology and appearanceEdit


O-Mer, a Cerean youth.

"Hey, Soo-Tath! You're looking good! Love the hat! Is it new?"
Chelli Lona Aphra to the Cerean Soo-Tath[src]

Humanoid mammals distinguished by their massive coned craniums, the Cereans kept complex[2] binary brains within their towering skulls.[9] These organs relied on blood pumped from their two hearts.[10] Cereans could grow hair, and some sported eyebrows, white beards,[11] dark stubble,[8] and even topknots and braids.[12]

Cereans in the galaxyEdit

The Cerean species inhabited the beautiful planet of Cerea, which remained largely unspoiled by technology.[9]

Ki-Adi-Mundi was a Jedi Master and member of the Jedi High Council whose white beard and wise features attested to years spent in service to the Jedi Order. He fought throughout the Clone Wars, and was killed by the clone troopers of the Galactic Marines when Darth Sidious issued Order 66.[11] O-Mer was a Cerean who trained as a Padawan during the war, and faced Trandoshans who hunted him and fellow apprentices for sport on Wasskah.[12]

Soo-Tath was a Cerean who operated as a debt collector during the Galactic Civil War, and threatened Chelli Lona Aphra after she failed to pay the organization he represented. However, the protocol droid 0-0-0 attacked Soo-Tath with a neurotoxin that resulted in the Cerean's death.[8]


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