The Cerise Fog Project was a experimental facility that was used by the company Bespin Motors on the planet Fresia during the Clone Wars. Publicly, Bespin Motors' parent company, the Incom Corporation, claimed that the project was a prototype for the design of components for use in the mining facility Cloud City on the planet Bespin. However, a number of rumors claimed that the facility had military applications and housed experimental vehicles that had been developed to counter those of Incom's rival firm MandalMotors. However, at some point the facility crashed into the surface of Fresia and was destroyed, creating a debris field that stretched across a 30 kilometer area surrounding the Buichol Isthmus. According to official statements from Incom at the time of the project's failure, most of the project's wreckage landed in the seas of Fresia and was quickly pulverized by the planet's tides.