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Cerk Lormin was a fresh-faced male who served the Galactic Empire as an Imperial officer. He died on the moon of Endor during the Battle of Endor against the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Following the battle's conclusion, Lormin's colleague Sinjir Rath Velus found the officer's corpse alongside many other casualties of the battle in the moon's forests. Velus remembered Lormin as someone who had been eager to please, having joined the Empire simply because it was what everyone else had done. He also did not believe that Lormin had been a true believer in the Empire's ideals.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Cerk Lormin first appeared as a corpse during a flash back sequence in the novel Aftermath, which was written by Chuck Wendig and released in 2015.


  • Aftermath (First appearance) (Appears as a corpse in flashback(s))

Notes and referencesEdit

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