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Cermack Rustill was a person from a high-gravity planet which produced a large amount of endomorphs.


The planet received the dubious honor of being singled out by the Empire as a good source of slave labor. While he was off-planet, Rustill's family was pressed into servitude, and so he joined the Rebellion as soon as he got the news. He hoped to find and rescue his family someday, and saw the Rebellion as the best chance of doing so. He is a quiet, and thoughtful man whose intelligence belies his huge size.

He filled the role of the mole when a group of Rebels decided to slip aboard the Tarnta's Fang so that they could discover the location of the Consolidations Unlimited base. To this extent, he boarded the Shining Comet on its trip from Lanthrym to Bodrin, and allowed himself to be captured as a slave. He implanted a universal lockpick into his jawbone, and a two way transponder radio/microphone into his skull behind his right ear so that he could stay in contact with the commando team aboard the Morrt which was always lurking nearby, and to allow them to track him through deep space.

While aboard the Tarnta's Fang, he incited a slave revolt which was meant to be a distraction for the commando's boarding the ship. Unfortunately, the engines of the Fang failed, and caused the ship to crash on the planet Darstell 4. When this happened, he and the rest of the rebels escaped into the city of Symt, but found that they were hunted relentlessly by Governor Bellows' stormtroopers. They quickly found a way off planet, and once again joined the Rebel Alliance.