"This is interesting. We are very interested."

Cessik was a male Colicoid who lived by the time of the Cold War. In that time, he was a member of the Colicoid Creation Nest and stationed on Balmorra. He was responsible for providing Colicoid DNA for a series of experiments in the creation of a mutant strain. This was with the intention of creating useful mutations that they could incorporate into their own race. The intended aim was to self-improvement and building a better Colicoid. However, the Sith Empire invaded the planet leading to the death of all the researchers. This led to the Galactic Republic and Balmorrans not interested in continuing the experiment.

During this time, Cessik met a Sith representative that had been dispatched from the Imperial Science Bureau's Project Hexapod. This official intended to collect data on the weaponization of the Colicoids for use by the Empire. Cessik met with the Sith and showed that the Colicoids were interested in continuing the experiments where he offered the friendship of the Creation Nest as a result.