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Cev Rees was a child who once accompanied the bounty hunter Thannik, his protocol droid GT-9R, the outlaw Dirk Harkness, and a pilot named Rhen to the Dancing Dewback cantina. Rees was with the same group during an attempt to smuggle several crates of blasters to the Rebel Alliance.


Cev Rees once accompanied the bounty hunter Thannik on a visit to the Dancing Dewback cantina, where Thannik intended to meet with a Devaronian contact. Also present in Thannik's party were his protocol droid GT-9R, the outlaw Dirk Harkness, and a female Human pilot named Rhen. While Thannik and GT-9R hung back to assess the crowd for possible trouble, Rees accompanied Rhen and Harkness on their way to the bar.[1]

Rees caused Rhen some trouble when he picked the pocket of Fenn, one of the spacers at the bar. When Fenn noticed his wallet was missing, he found Rhen holding it as Rees melted into the crowd. Rhen claimed he had dropped it, and offered the burly spacer a drink in order to avoid any possible confrontation.[1]

Rees was also with the same group (minus Harkness) when they attempted to smuggle several crates of blasters to the Rebel Alliance, only to be accosted by a group who claimed Thannik and his associates owed them money. These pursuers caught up with Thannik and his companions in an open-air market on a world with a bright blue sun. Three of them, led by a tall, cloaked Human, pulled their blasters on the group and demanded their money. Thannik opened fire, wounding the leader, and avoided the return fire. In the meantime, his companions fled to a nearby cantina, where they found themselves surrounded by more armed individuals.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Both of Rees' appearances are game play examples in Bill Smith's 1996 roleplaying game book Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, published by West End Games. These rulebook examples are rewritten versions of examples previously included in Smith's 1992 game book Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition. The original second edition examples do not feature Rees. Instead, the visit to the Dancing Dewback features only GT-9R and a different bounty hunter named Tirog, while the marketplace encounter features GT-9R, Tirog, a pirate named Drebble, and a child known only as Ace.

If the statistics for the "Kid" template in the revised edition rulebook apply to Rees, he is a twelve-year-old Human, whose meager possessions include two bottles of fizzyglug, a bag of candy, a small stone, some string, 25 credits, and a small pet which may or may not be dead.


Notes and referencesEdit

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