"Once we hunted goblins bad
"Among trees of Garban's land;
"They killed and ate Ch'irrk Felt's kin,
"And mighty anger boiled within!"
―Opening stanza of the "Ballad of Shan'Gredor"[src]

Ch'irrk Felt was a legendary male Jenet who featured in the epic poem, "The Ballad of Shan'Gredor." According to the poem, danchaf—also known as tree goblins—killed and ate Felt's relatives, an indignity that spurred Felt's retaliation: a trap of pots, pans, and phospowder. The danchaf tripped the trap and were deafened by it. Disoriented, the danchaf were little match for Felt and his minions, who attacked from the underbrush of the planet Garban upon Felt's battle cry. In the end, the poem claimed, twenty danchaf were killed and only three Jenets died.[1]


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