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Ch'thoqua was once a Tusken Raider from the planet Tatooine, until his entire tribe was wiped out by Imperial troops. After he performed the traditional mourning rituals, he left the Jundland Wastes for the first time in his life, and headed into Anchorhead so that he could catch a shuttle offworld.

He had hoped to link up with the Rebel Alliance to exact some revenge on the Imperials but unfortunately for him, he was unprepared for the cloak and dagger methods required to contact the Alliance. Almost immediately, he was spotted by an Imperial bureaucrat, who pointed him in the direction of Consolidations Unlimited where he quickly found himself in chains. While a slave in the ship Tarnta's Fang, he became a close friend to Jarson Andekers within weeks, and he soon thought of Jarson as his new "surrogate tribe", and would do anything in his power to protect him. Both he and his newfound friend were anxious to escape, but would give that up if it meant they could harm their captors. Fortunately they were able to do both when Cermack Rustill boarded the ship, and managed to incite the two friends along with the other captives to riot. Shortly after this, the ship crashed on the planet Darstell 4 where he and his friend escaped in the city of Symt.

It is thought that after this, he once again joined the Rebel Alliance, and continued his revenge against the Empire.