Cha-Val Sha-Vak was a former bounty hunter and criminal who was said to have the death sentence in five systems. He wore a cloak and mask that made it impossible to identify his species. He was presumed to be a male because of his size and bulk. He was a mysterious being who was said to move like a wraith through the shadows. Although he was a patron at the Ace of Sabres gambling establishment he never actually played any of the games of chance. He lived at the establishment.

Unknown to most the patrons of the Ace of Sabres Cha-Val Sha-Vak was in the employment of Sibarra. He performed the Hutts dirty work such as assassinations, robberies, debt collection and extortion. Any work that Dunan Par'Ell, head of security at the Ace, could not handle was given to Cha-Val Sha-Vak. There was considerable tension between Par'Ell and Cha-Val Sha-Vak.