"Everything on my homeworld of Chagar IX revolved around the fighting pits. For the people rich enough to sit in the stands… and for those of us too poor to buy our way out of the hole."

Chagar IX was a planet located in the galaxy. It was the homeworld of stormtrooper sergeant Kreel, and fell under the control of the Galactic Empire in Kreel's youth.


"I was doomed to die in the arena, just like my father had. Just like my mother and everyone I'd ever known. Until the stormtroopers came. Until the Empire made life worth living."

The culture of Chagar IX primarily revolved around the planet's fighting pits, which saw those too poor to afford seats in the stands forced to fight in the pits themselves as gladiators. Many individuals died in the arena, including Kreel's father, mother, and many of his acquaintances. Kreel himself survived once stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire arrived on Chagar IX. The Empire toppled the overlords of the pits in a day, and went on to close the arenas down and give jobs to the population. Kreel ultimately joined the Imperial Academy and the Stormtrooper Corps.[1]



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