Chahis was a Serp warrior from the planet Serphidi in the Belial system. He worked in service to the planet’s monarch King S'Shah.


In 3 ABY, Chahis and several other warriors noticed the ruins of a downed Rebel T-65 X-wing starfighter on a mountain butte. They rode over to the region and found the pilots disembarking from their craft. Finding Humans to be good hunting game (and edible as well), they opened fire upon them with their energy weapons. Chahis managed to kill a pilot named Berl and took the female pilot, Captain Cinda Tarheel, back to his master, King S'Shah.

Chahis was present a few hours later when Rebel flight leader, Commander Luke Skywalker defeated King S'Shah in a Doom-Joust.

Physical appearanceEdit

Like many male Serps, Chahis had reptilian features and red scales upon his body. He wore a dark-colored suit of battle armor complete with a red-plumed helmet and visor. During hunting expeditions, Chahis rode astride a domesticated lizard-mount. His weapon of choice was an energy-lance.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Chahis was created by Marvel Comics writers, Michael Fleisher and David Michelinie.


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