Chair of the Senate was a title used by the Speaker of the New Republic Senate. Similar in function to the old Vice Chair of the Old Republic Senate, the Chair would moderate debates and votes during Senate sessions. During the Black Fleet Crisis, Behn-kihl-nahm was Chair of the Senate. The title survived into the days of the Galactic Alliance with increased executive power, making the position similar to a vice president. In 44 ABY, Nensu Kaatik was Chair of the Senate. Ivaar Workan, who posed as Kameron Suldar, took Kaatik's position as the Chair of the Senate.

Chair of the Senate was also one of the Supreme Chancellor's official titles as leader of the Galactic Senate, after the Republic dispensed with President of the Senate.

The Grand Vizier also held this position in the Imperial Senate.

Known Chairs of the SenateEdit


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