This article is about a leader during the Separatist Crisis. You may be looking for Chla C'cHaan, the founder of Neimoidia.
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"Neimoidia is our home, but Duro is our heart and our blood. Let every son and daughter of Neimoidia lift their head high and proclaim "I am Duros," for in this is truth, dignity, and prestige."
―Chal Haan in Encyclical on Historical Greatness[src]

Chal Haan was a Neimoidian and the leader of his people at some point following the Trade Federation's dissolution in 19 BBY until at least the early days of the Yuuzhan Vong War. He wrote the book Encyclical on Historical Greatness, in which he proposed the idea of the Neimoidians adopting the culture and heritage of their Duros ancestors, a practice common among the Neimoidian race during the Galactic Civil War and beyond.


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