"Chalactans believe that all the natural laws of the universe also exist within us, and the goal of the adept is to strive to understand them and be illuminated."

The Chalactan Adepts or Adepts of Chalacta were a philosophical-mystic order of Chalactans that studied at the Temple of Illumination. The organization was run by the Convocation of Adepts. Their teachings allowed for invulnerability to mental manipulation and torture.


The Adepts believed that the natural laws that governed the universe also governed the lives of those who inhabited it. The goal of every Adept was to seek the Chalactan Enlightenment. Those who reached it wore the Greater Mark of Illumination; those who were seeking it wore the Lesser Mark. The two marks together symbolized the Adepts. Jedi Master Depa Billaba had attained the rank of Adept in the final decades of the Galactic Republic.



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