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This article is about a glass-like rock. You may be looking for a starship named Chalcedony.
Tessent 1 G9

The Alsakan Tessent, a statue made of chalcedony

"Clear in places, kind of milky in others, with these bands of colors running through it."
Barzur Antilles[src]

Chalcedony was a type of glass-like rock that had either a milky translucence,[1] or, in some cases, a darker color.[2] Statues would be sculpted in chunks of chalcedony: the tessent idols of Alsakan were made of it,[1] and so were effigies of Borz'Mat'oh and Fillorean at the University of Coruscant.[2] On the planet of Alderaan, chalcedony was strongly associated with the House of Organa, who used it as a signet of office.[3] At the time of the Great Galactic War, the ruling lord of the House was referred to as the "heir to the chalcedony star."[4] Additionally, the Royal Chalcedony Shield, a medal awarded by the High Council of Alderaan to worthy off-worlders, was also made of chalcedony.[5]



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