"I've heard that Smethwile was the son of a noble family who wanted to make his fortune in space. Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, he got only as far as Kelada starport."
Platt Okeefe[src]

Lieutenant Chalden Smethwile was an Imperial Customs officer who worked as an inspector at Kelada starport. He was tall and gaunt and disliked spacers generally, and would not hesitate to humiliate them in from of the squad of stormtroopers that escorted him wherever he went.

He claimed to know freighter codes inside out and would punish starship crews for even the smallest violations. He was practically immune to any bribe and would arrest anyone who would try to do so.

Despite his tough exterior, he was incompetent as he often spent more time insulting the crew of the starship under inspection than on the inspection itself. He was even known to forget inspecting the cargo bay sometimes. For this reason, seasoned smugglers like Platt Okeefe considered him quite harmless.


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