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"They're bugs, sir. Several centimeters long. Travel in swarms of up to twenty or more. Challat is the Xexto's word for flesh. They're predators, sir!"
Jace Dallin[src]

Challat eaters were vicious, swarming predators found on Troiken. They preyed upon the native Xexto population; they were carnivorous and devoured the flesh of anything they came into contact with. Challat eaters were small in size and glowed bright blue.

They provided some trouble for the Republic force trapped in Mount Avos during the Stark Hyperspace War, and after Ranulph Tarkin destroyed the barrier erected by the Jedi to keep them out, they consumed the Stark Collective force that the Jedi trapped within the mountain stronghold after they were forced to seal it off.

Tsian used droids modeled after the insects in her assassinations.

"Challat" meant flesh in Xextese.



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