Challenge 38

The cover of Challenge 38

Challenge 38 was a roleplaying magazine from June/July of 1989. It contained many roleplaying articles, including an adventure for the West End Games Star Wars D6 system. The article was called Starfighters Down and was written by William W. Connors.

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Title Author(s) Page
Umpiring TwilightKim White4
Military Electronics in TwilightPaul T. Riegel6
Equipment ListLoren K. Wisemen and Legion G. McCrae8
A Journey to OblivionTimothy B. Brown10
Grapnel GunRobert N. Sprinkle22
Prize CourtDavid G. Thompson24
Boarding PartyDavid G. Thompson28
Monitor-class ScoutJames B. King31
CourierMichael R. Mikesh and James P. Ward34
Star Cruiser PowerC. W. Hess43
Beta Antarae SectorDale L. Kemper48
Direct-Fire ArtilleryC. W. Hess56
A Place in the SunDavid L Pulver64
Starfighters DownWilliam W. Connors68
Ships of the Pursuit WingJohn A. Thiesen72