The Challenge of the Heart was one of the three challenges that an Alderaanian heir had to undertake to prove their worthiness to be formally declared heir to the Alderaanian throne, along with the challenges of the Body and Mind. Traditionally, the heir was expected to perform charity and relief work, paid for out of their own allowance.[1]

Leia Organa, for her Challenge of the Heart, went on missions delivering relief supplies to various suffering populations, particularly those suffering from the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. Her first mission, to the planet Wobani, in which she wound up evacuating 100 civilians under the pretense of hiring them as additional crew for the Tantive IV, unwittingly caused a major setback to her father Bail Organa's secret negotiations to evacuate the civilian population of the planet. Afterwards, Leia's parents required her to get their authorization before she undertook a relief mission.[1]


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