Chalmer Trillili was a male Human who lived during the Galactic Civil War.


Trillili served in the Rebel Alliance for a time, but he eventually deserted and founded The Scourge, a small pirate group that operated in the Elrood sector. Trillili captained the Impasse, a Kuat Drive Yards Super Transport VII container ship that The Scourge equipped with a gravity well projector, and he also owned the modified YT-1300 light freighter Personal Profit. Trillili's activities gained the attention of the Khuiumin Survivors, another pirate group, and the Suvivors sent Trillili a communiqué, offering to let him join their organization. Around this time, The Scourge captured the Gray Griffins, a Rebel Alliance scout team, and the pirates attempted to extract a ransom for the team. However, a group of Alliance agents traveled to the Scourge's base on the planet Dega to rescue the Griffins. Trillili went into hiding in his personal quarters and there, the agents confronted him and engaged the pirate leader in combat.