The Chamber of Speech was a computer system located in a cave accessible from upper Kaleth, a fortress city on Tython. Established before the Force Wars, the chamber was rediscovered by the Jedi Order during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire following the Order's relocation to their ancestral homeworld.


Constructed sometime in Tython's ancient history by a Force using organization, the Chamber of Speech was a repository of knowledge on the fortress city of Kaleth's past and history. An ancient attempt at a holocron, the interface system which included a gatekeeper was an attempt by the Je'daii to replicate Kwa technology discovered under Kaleth.[2] The gatekeeper presided over the database and helped those interested to access the knowledge stored within.[1]

Lost for nearly twenty thousand years, the Chamber's machinery became corroded and in poor condition. When the Jedi Order resettled the planet, Jedi Knight Do Zonn recovered several ancient scrolls that hinted at the Chamber's existence. Sending two of the Temple's Padawans, with maybe the Hero of Tython or Barsen'thor, to uncover the secrets of the Chamber, which was heavily defended by ancient battle droids.[1]



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