Chambers was a card game dating back to the Imperial era, based on an ancient children's question that asked "If so-and-so fought so-and-so, who would win?" In 43 ABY, a game of Chambers was played between Haydnat Treen, Merratt Jaxton, Fost Bramsin, and Drikl Lecersen.


When a player tossed a card onto the gaming table, it would be pitted against the card on its left in hypothetical combat taking place in a private chamber. When a player's card defeated another card in combat, the player was awarded a "kill". The stronger card always won, but a number of factors determined the value of a card, including strength, will, chance, and the color of the card. A blue card trumped a white card, a red card trumped a blue card, and a black card trumped a red card. The beginning of each round of play—or "hand"—was called "launch." Betting could be matched or raised by each player.[1]

Cards in a Chambers deck included Courtesans, Destroyer Droids, Imperial Guardsmen, Clone Trooper Captains, Clone Trooper Privates, Viziers, and Emperors, all of which came in a variety of colors. A White Clone Trooper Private was among the lowest cards in the deck, while the Black Emperor was the most powerful card and trumped all others. A Blue Vizier was a powerful card, but had a lower Will value than a Red Courtesan.[1]


A high-stakes game of chambers was played in 43 ABY between Moff Drikl Lecersen of the Imperial Remnant, Senator Haydnat Treen of Kuat, General Merratt Jaxton of Galactic Alliance Starfighter Command, and Senator Fost Bramsin of Coruscant at the Gleaming Fortunes Casino on Coruscant, as the four conspired to overthrow Chief of State Natasi Daala of the Galactic Alliance.[1]



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