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For other uses, see Champion.

The Champion was a combat repulsorcraft employed by the Royal Naboo Security Force, during the Invasion of Naboo. The Champion was similar in firepower to an AAT-1.


This model was armed with three-turreted laser cannons and could hold its own against enemy infantry and armor. It was succeeded by the Heavy Champion. The vehicle also could carry one extra royal trooper.


The Champions were used to defend Parrlay, New Centrif and Vis cities from OOM-9's invading forces. The Champions also saw action during the First Battle of Harte Secur alongside Heavy Champions (the Champions' successors) to protect the Harte Secur's command center when OOM-9 invaded the city. Also, several Champions were used during the First Battle of Spinnaker.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Champion was a mech destroyer in the game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.



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