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"Slicing and mission control. Joining us was the right decision."

Chance was the alias of the male Human Republic Strategic Information Service agent active during the Cold War. His true name kept secret, "Chance" was part of Ardun Kothe's team of operatives along with "Hunter", "Saber", "Wheel", and "Legate". Unknown to both "Chance" and Kothe, two of the team's six members had true allegiances elsewhere - "Legate" posed as a defector from Imperial Intelligence of the Sith Empire but was actually still loyal to it, while "Hunter" was a member of the Star Cabal, pitting two sides against each other in the Galactic War.

As part of his plan to acquire the Shadow Arsenal, Kothe sent "Chance" and "Legate" to Taris with a mission to acquire the Ultrawave Transmitter which fell into the hands of the Dark Jedi Ki Sazen. While tracking her down, "Chance" was ambushed and sustained severe injuries before hiding in the ruins of Dynamet General Hospital and calling "Legate" for help, using the Imperial's command code to order him. After "Legate" found "Chance", the latter instructed "Legate" to meet Doctor Ianna Cel to confirm that he was SIS by speaking the password Gemstone. He attempted to use the command code to order the Cipher to patch up his wounds but passed out before he could finish. The Imperial Agent then left him to die from his wounds.

Behind the scenesEdit

Chance is a character in the 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Depending on the player's choices, Chance is spared (light side dialogue) or is left to die (dark side dialogue).

By design or coincidence, Chance, Sabre [sic], Wheel, and Legate are all sabacc terms.



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