"Jooli You served my father for a long time. I give you a last chance to change your mind…"
"Chancellor Jooli. I have been so for the last fourty years."
―Queen Trios and Chancellor Jooli[src]

The Chancellor of Shu-Torun was a government official in the Kingdom of Shu-Torun.[1] Jooli, a chamberlain of the Shu-Torun royal family, held the title of chancellor for approximately four decades until the death of the King of Shu-Torun in the year 0 ABY.[2] Retaining the chancellery under Queen Trios, the late king's sole-surviving heir, Jooli became an advisor to the new monarch during the civil war between the royalty and the rebellious ore-dukes led by Duke Rubix.[1] Prior to the final battle of the war, Jooli attempted to countermand Trios' decision to attack Rubix's delving citadel without the Galactic Empire's military support, asserting his authority to do so by using the traditional advisory veto of his position. Trios reacted by accusing him of treason and consequently ordered her loyalist soldiers to execute the chancellor.[2]


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