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"So...who's going to be the first one to die?"
―Chanchaz Iryt[src]

Chanchaz Iryt was a male Kaump who was Zhen Mirat's chief lieutenant and co-founder of The Fatal Visionaries.


Iryt had his race's short stature and dense structure caused by the high gravity of his home planet, Kaump III. He also had the characteristic short limbs and flat face of his people. He preferred clothes which accented his strength and attitude, preferring to wear leather garments with studs and spikes.


Iryt was born on the planet Kaump III and spent his childhood learning all he could about repulsorlift mechanics. At night, he would devote his time to learning how to brawl and bully in Kaump's rowdier night spots. Quickly, he learned that he was destined for more than simply working on engines and rolling drunks and tourists for drink money. He performed a series of highly lucrative robberies in the rich section of town, which gained him much infamy. Iryt left Kaump III on a luxury liner bound for Bespin.

It was on Bespin's Cloud City that Iryt met with fellow lowlife Zhen Mirat, who enjoyed his violent decadence. The strongman in turn respected Merit's ruthless ambition. The two soon formed a criminal organization known as The Fatal Visionaries, the two of them forming the core of the group.

He followed his own philosophy of "hedonism by force": if he did not take what he enjoyed, there was no enjoyment in the task. In combat he was a threshing machine, delighting in mass slaughter which he would inflict with his Gaderffii he somehow acquired.