Chandrex Grenn was a male Iotran bounty hunter active during the Galactic Civil War.


Chandrex Grenn was a survivor of an Imperial research station captured by the Alliance. Grenn subsequently escaped custody and went in search of his sister in the Outer Rim Territories who had been lost since the Alliance attacked an Imperial naval station at Shadren V. Operating as a bounty hunter, Grenn worked with fellow newcomer Sirenas Firil to track Alliance agent Pallas Quintell on the planet Kallistas in order to receive a reward offered by Prefect Dengless Rinn. The operation was a success and the two hunters divided the reward. Later, stranded on the planet with recently-arrived bounty hunter, Demos Traxen, they were hired again by Rinn to track pirate Jondrell Inx.



Notes and referencesEdit

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