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Force Crystal at the Dead Jedi Knight's tomb

A tomb of an ancient Jedi Knight, who was a member of the Jedi Order some time in the past, was located on the planet Chandrila.


Statues were scattered throughout the area of the Dead Jedi Knight's tomb


Though his identity is unknown, the tomb of the Dead Jedi Knight was an impressive sight indeed. With several bridges, ornate pillars, endless abysses, and ancient sculptures of Jedi holding luminescent force crystals, it was well decorated.

The state of the tomb as a whole indicated that the Jedi was interred thousands of years before it was reopened by the Disciples of Ragnos in 14 ABY. The Disciples were hoping to siphon the force energy from the tomb in order to eventually reawaken Marka Ragnos, but they were halted by the timely arrival of Jaden Korr.

Korr eliminated the cultists in his way, and resealed the casket. Soon after though, the tomb began to collapse, forcing Korr to quickly escape the mausoleum. The tomb was sealed forever after the collapse.

Forcesense tomb

The Dead Jedi Knight's tomb in Chandrila.


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