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The Chandrila Mistress was a Taylander shuttle used by the former Imperial senator and rebel leader Mon Mothma. It was equipped with a signature modulator to mask its true identity. In 2 BBY, the Chandrila Mistress and Gold Squadron rendezvoused with the Spectres rebel cell in deep space. Mothma was forced to abandon the ship after it was attacked by Imperial forces.


The Chandrila Mistress was a Taylander shuttle that served as Senator Mon Mothma's personal transport. It was equipped with a signature modulator which masked its real identity and allowed Mothma to evade Imperial detection.[2]


During the Age of the Empire, Mon Mothma used the Chandrila Mistress as part of her missions with Gold Squadron. After Mothma gave a speech in 2 BBY denouncing the Galactic Empire for its role in the Ghorman Massacre, she and her crew used the Chandrila Mistress to flee into space. Under instructions from Senator Bail Organa, Mothma rendezvoused the Chandrila Mistress with the Spectres rebel cell's starship Ghost in deep space. After docking, Mothma's attache Erskin Semaj and Gold Leader Captain Jon Vander met with Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla and her rebel crew. Mothma was forced to abandon the Chandrila Mistress after it came under attack from Imperial forces.[1]

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The Chandrila Mistress first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three episode "Secret Cargo", which debuted on Disney XD on March 4, 2017.



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