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This article is about the general term. You may be looking for a type of Melodie.

A Clawdite taking on a new form while running from a Jedi.

Wesell: "You know, a gentleman would turn his back while a lady changes."
Fett: "That's not the sort of changing most people have in mind. And you're no lady."
Wesell: "Sometimes I am."
Zam Wesell and Jango Fett[src]

Changeling or Shapeshifter was a term used for those species, such as the Shi'ido or the Clawdites, with the ability to change their appearance or shape.[1]

Because of the mistrust some beings had of shapeshifters, they would often try to hide their species of origin.[2] Others were valued as assassins, spies, and observers.[1]

Some beings were also able to transform through the Force by using the reflections of the life forces around them. Those species included the Force wielders.[3]



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