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The Changing Ceremony was an event that occurred near the twentieth year of a Melodie's life. This event involved being immersed in a special pool covered by a blue-green algae which created oxygen through photosynthesis for the changelings to breathe. This marked the change from land-dweller to water-breather. The process could take weeks, and the Melodie was vulnerable to attacks from Yavin 8's numerous predators.

The Ceremony was concluded when the gill slits and tail slits of the changelings were formed, making them adult Melodies (also known as elders) and allowing them to live entirely underwater. The elders lived in pools that ran throughout much of the Sistra Mountain, though they were able to surface for limited amounts of time, which they used to communicate with their young. This did not apply to the oldest Melodies, who were not able to surface at all.



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