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Changing Seasons was a short story written by Timothy Zahn that appeared in two parts: Guardian of the People in Star Wars Insider 76, and People of the Guardian in Star Wars Insider 77. It was also included in a Czech-language anthology Setkání v mlze.

Plot summaryEdit

The story takes place in c. 22 BBY,[1] and has Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker temporarily stranded on the planet Dagro occupied by Separatist forces. With Anakin Skywalker held behind, Obi-Wan Kenobi had gone ahead to scout the planet Dagro to check rumors of Separatist occupation. When he is attacked by battle droids, he realizes they had been right. His ship is shot down though he’s not sure by what. He is helped by a simple farmer Kirlan, who hides him from droid search parties.

The locals weren't opposed to the Republic, but Coruscant had done little for them, and they didn't want war on their planet. Obi-Wan offers to help out while he waits for Anakin’s arrival. He welcomed that change and actually enjoys the labor. Good, honest work was a break from the war, from fighting and decision making. He manages to go four days until the droids actually find him. Obi-Wan protects the family who'd helped him and decided to take his chance with overwhelming odds. Anakin arrived just in time to help. After the short fight, the two Jedi concluded the Separatists must have some kind of facility on Dagro and the droids that got away had just led them to its where abouts. They then decided to check it out.


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