"On behalf of the Knights of the Order of Extermination and the Blood of Aldera, I offer my services in the war against the Killiks. Ventadya droth, qe no fora."
―Chanya Medaal[src]

Chanya Medaal was a Human female member of Alderaan's Order of Extermination living during the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, she approached the Sith Lord Serjay Thul with the threat of the emerging Killiks of the Black Hive, an especially dangerous hive that had absorbed many violent Joiners and became war-like. Serjay Thul reluctantly accepted her help and send an Imperial hero to assist her. During that time Chanya was stationed at Outpost Eudor in the Kaamos Territory. She asked the Imperial to strike against the mercenary group called the Blood Company and also directed him to assist others at the outpost. She later made a holo-call to congratulate the Imperial on his efforts, though Serjay Thul began to see her as a threat and wanted to quietly eliminate her.