The following is an email I received from Ken Wheat bringing up an error on this page. He gave his permission to post this message on the Wiki for others to refer to. grunny@wookieepedia:~$ 10:14, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

Source:  E-mail from Ken Wheat, permission granted to postAttribution:  Ken Wheat

Hi guys -

I happened to be cruising your site, which had all sorts of interesting (although sometimes bizarre to me) information about the film my brother Jim and I did with George L. in 1985. I'm totally impressed with the effort that went into your Battle for Endor character and story links, but I have to let you know that you had one credit completely wrong.

On your page about the character "Charal" (whose name came about because ABC pushed us to hire Cheryl Ladd to play the part, while at the same time suggesting Tom Sellack for Noa, which is why his dead co-pilot was named Salek.)... you mentioned correctly that San Francisco actress Marianne Horine appeared briefly as the young Charal... but you were totally wrong to credit that scene's haunting rendition of "My Star" to Canadian recording artist Glori Gage.

I think Gloria may have done some songs for the Ewoks cartoon series, but she had nothing to do with Battle for Endor. I was on a Skywalker recording stage when Siân Phillips performed that version of "My Star" (which was written by veteran Sesame Street composer Jeff Moss), and I'll never forget Siân's beautiful voice.

Oh, another bit of "My Star" trivia... the version that Cindal sings to Noa in front of the fire was looped by Aubree Miller's older sister, whose first name I'm ashamed to say I can't remember right now. She was a great kid who hung around the set the whole time, and when Aubree's vocal on the song was a little rocky, somebody suggested letting her sister take a shot at dubbing it.

And both of the Miller girls were brilliant at looping. Lucas is fond of improving dialogue tracks in post, and a number of Aubree's scenes were re-recorded by her. Although she had just turned 6, and was thrown a little by the visual countdowns and beeps that are part of the ADR process, I found that by sitting next to her and squeezing her hand just as it was time to record her replacement dialogue, she would always hit her lines in perfect sync.)

Anyway, great site. Just a minor error that could (should) be corrected. (I'll let all the goofy added character history pass, since it was clearly created somewhere along the line after my involvement in the development of the original project.)

Best regards!


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