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Chattza was the name of a Rodian clan native to the planet Rodia. Members of the Chattza were bred to be fierce hunters and reveled in their innate violent passions. They ubiquitously participated in ceremonial war-games against members of the rival Tetsu Clan. A lifetime of honing their battle reflexes allowed members of the Chattza to enjoy a prosperous life as professional bounty hunters. A Chattza warlord named Navik the Red took control of the clan and embarked upon a savage quest to eradicate all members of the Tetsu clan from Rodia. These skirmishes eventually became known as the Rodian Clan Wars. The pacifist Tetsu Rodians fled from their clan brothers by leaving Rodia and settling on a jungle planet in 17 BBY. Navik the Red's forces eventually tracked them down however and laid siege to their Tendril tree dwellings.



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