Hera Kanan A New Dawn

The deactivated chauffeur droid between Kanan and Hera

"I am sorry. riders are not allowed on the—I prefer driving. Nothing against you."
―The chauffeur droid and Hera Syndulla[src]

A chauffeur droid was a type of droid that was used to drive a vehicle. During the Gorse conflict, a golden plated chauffeur droid operated a hovertruck which the rebel Hera Syndulla and the freighter pilot Kanan Jarrus commandeered. The chauffeur droid tried to protest the hijacking but Hera flicked a switch on the droid's neck, switching him off. The two rebels then drove to the spaceport at Highground. She then threw the droid out of the vehicle, knocking out a stormtrooper sentry.[1]

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The chauffeur droid first appeared as a minor character in John Jackson Miller's 2014 novel A New Dawn. He was first illustrated in the 2014 Star Wars Insider 152 article "Rebels United", which contained a preview for the upcoming novel.[2]


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