Lady Chawkroft was the Imperial Minister of Corrections in the years preceding the Battle of Yavin and co-sponsor of Stars' End.


Chawkroft began her rise within the Imperial Correctional Facilities Ministry after the death of her superior, Gervruche. As a Special Projects Consultant, Chawkroft received a message from Ilm Vaz-Weplinn, an Assistant-Deputy Viceprex of the Corporate Sector Authority's Security Division. Vaz-Weplinn proposed the joint development of an advanced prison facility in the Corporate Sector. Chawcroft was pleased with this proposal: her ministry welcomed the chance to share costs of prison development with the CSA, and Grand Vizier Sate Pestage had blocked the budget requests of the Admiralty for their own prison facilities.[1]

Shortly after she signed on, Viceprex Mirkovig Hirken took control of the project, code-named "Stars' End." Hirken and Chawkroft continued working together on Stars' End, corresponding and visiting frequently. Chawcroft was apparently befriended by Hirken's wife Neera, who shared her recipe for oonberry pie with Chawcroft at the Hirken's anniversary banquet. While working on the project, Chawcroft's career prospered. She continued to rise through the Ministry bureaucracy, first to Assistant-Minister of Corrections and then to Minister of Corrections by 2 BBY.[1]

After Han Solo, Chewbacca, and their associates destroyed Stars' End, resulting in the deaths of the Hirkens, Chawcroft sent her condolences to Viceprex Hirken's department. Newly appointed Viceprex Vaz-Weplinn sent a reply, arguing for continued collaboration between her ministry and the CSA despite recent setbacks.[1]


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