Chaz Hunter was a Human male from Kabaira. Chaz and his father, Del Hunter, joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic early in the Galactic Civil War.[1]


In 2 BBY, the Rebel cell in Eponte was betrayed from inside. Six Rebels were killed by the stormtroopers, Del was injured but escaped and Chaz was captured with another Rebel, Blaide, and an Imperial deserter, Matt Turhaya.[1]

Escape from Kabaira

Blaide reveal his treachery.

They were later freed by Chaz's fellow, Midget, and Matt's ship captain, Tere Metallo, who infiltrated the prison. During the escape, Blaide reveled himself as the traitor and tried to kill them but he was shot down by Metallo. They managed to reach the spaceport where Hunter was waiting for them. The two spacers took the Rebels in Metallo's ship, the Star Quest, to leave the planet. In orbit, the ship was attacked by tree Z-95 Headhunters but they managed to escape.[1]

He later joined New Republic's Blue Squadron.[2]


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