"I like her."
"Then teach her to play Cheg."
Novoc Vevut and Boba Fett, regarding Mirta Gev[src]

Cheg was a noisy and violent tabletop game. In a game of Cheg, two players competed against each other for control of a small puck, using their knuckles to strike and propel the puck across the tabletop[1] and into a goal in order to score points,[2] shoulder-charging nearby opponents to gain and keep control of the puck.[1]

Across the galaxy, cantinas such as Zerria's Bar on the planet Drall hosted tables on which to play Cheg. The Mandalorians Novoc Vevut and Ghes Orade were Cheg players, and elected to teach the game to Mirta Gev following a meeting with the reigning Mand'alor, Boba Fett, at Zerria's Bar. Gev learned the rules quickly, and played a spirited match against Orade.[1]

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Cheg was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the Legacy of the Force novel Bloodlines, written by author Karen Traviss and published August 29, 2006.[1] Cheg was later given an informational entry in the 2008 reference guide The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[2]

The manner in which the game of Cheg is described both in Bloodlines as well as The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, strongly resembles the real-world arcade game of air hockey.



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