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Chekkoo Enclave

Chekkoo Enclave

The Chekkoo clan's holding, which was large enough to be considered a city, the Chekkoo Enclave was located in the Chekkoo Province on Rodia's Betu continent. The enclave contained about 200,000 inhabitants.

It was protected by a strong wall and contained three other walled sections, meant to protect the clan tower. This building was situated on top of a rocky outcropping. The oldest walls were built of stone, but newer walls were constructed of synthcrete, metal and advanced alloys. Residences and businesses lay within the walls, though the newest portions of the city stretched out around the Enclave. The outermost perimeter of the city was marked by an aging power fence that was more often down for repairs than not.

Wealthier families in the enclave tended to own more advanced equipment, but few enjoyed all the basic conveniences of the cities, with most buildings and vehicles showing their age.

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