Chekkoo Province

A map of Chekkoo Province

The Chekkoo Province was a region on Rodia. The Chekkoo Enclave was located here.


The province was hidden away in the deepest jungle of the Betu continent. Jungle lowlands and a portion of the Ekloska Hills provided formidable terrain for anyone traveling in the region. The headwaters of the Teonsqua River could also be found here, though the river quickly turned into a vast swampland at the province's southern edge.

Once one of the powerful provinces of Betu, the Chekkoo Province became one of the poorest areas of Rodia. The Chekkoo clan dominated the region, but a few smaller clans' enclaves could be found within their borders. These clans, such as the Adebsu clan and Intamm clan, lived in close proximity for generations and regarded one another as allies. Each clan had autonomous control of its enclave, though the Chekkoo claimed final judgment for the lands of the province.

The Chekkoo were fiercely protective of their lands. Regular patrols could be found both on foot and in the air. Poor as the Chekkoo were, they still maintained the defenses of a small army. Centuries of struggle and warfare taught them to be cautious. Trespassers were hunted down as soon as they were discovered.


When Navik the Red came to power, he rerouted the trade lanes, cutting off supply shipments to the Province, effectively making the once-powerful Chekkoo clan one of the poorest on Rodia. The inhabitants of the Province took to hiring smugglers to bring supplies to their impoverished region.

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