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Chemeti 1 was an Assassin-class corvette used by the Galactic Empire. It was present at the Battle of Kiilimaar.

During the action in the Kiilimaar system, the Interdictor cruiser Red Claw was critically damaged and its hyperdrive system destroyed after its successful battle against the Rneekii Pirates, who were working in collaboration with the traitorous Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin to hold a high-ranking TIE/D Defender scientist for ransom. Stranded in-system without escort and with Zaarin's forces closing in, Chemeti 1 and its sister ship Chemeti 2 were to deliver replacement parts to restore the Red Claw's damaged hyperdrive. Chemeti 1 was to extract the scientist and transfer him to a secure location before Zaarin arrived.

Chemeti 1 arrived on the scene just as Zaarin launched his offensive on the stranded Red Claw, reporting that Chemeti 2 had been delayed. Despite the oncoming attack, a successful holding action led by Tan Maarek Stele enabled Chemeti 1 to dock with the interdictor and extract the scientist, entering hyperspace before Zaarin could follow up on the initial attack. Unbeknownst to all however, was that the corvette was actually an impostor posing as Chemeti 1, and that its crew were loyal to Admiral Zaarin. The traitors had managed to kidnap the scientist so that his technical skills could be exploited by Zaarin and his allies.

This deceit was only discovered after the real Chemeti 1 arrived with its partner Chemeti 2 moments after the impostor vessel fled, much to the outrage of the Imperial High Command. Even with its original mission scrapped, Chemeti 1 nonetheless aided in the defense and resupply of the Red Claw, and Stele's defense ensured the success of the rescue mission long enough for reinforcements to arrive.