"A cold-blooded, emotionless sand snake if I ever saw one, but when he heard about Grunta's death, he nearly smiled. Nothing would make him happier than beating Nal Kenuun."
Haari Ikreme Beeerd on Chenik Kruun.[src]

Chenik Kruun was a male Muun who resided on the planet Muunilinst. He was the employer of the Nuknog podracer Gilag Pitaaani. In 0 ABY, Kruun entered Pitaaani on a podrace believing he would finally beat his longtime rival Nal Kenuun, whose podracer Grunta died a few days before the race. The race was won by Luke Skywalker, who took Grunta's place as part of a deal he negotiated with Kenuun.

Kruun was described by Haari Ikreme Beeerd—one of the crewmen on his employ—as cold-blooded and emotionless.


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