The Cherishites were a quasi-religious sect who discovered and settled the planet Rhamalai while fleeing persecution by the Galactic Republic. They created a community on a small part of Rhamalai, and focused on creating a society in harmony with their surroundings. A hundred years later, corporate scouts happened upon Rhamalai, and attempted to take the planet as their own. Only the intervention of a native Jedi Knight—a member of the original group of colonists—kept Rhamalai under Cherishite control. The Jedi Knight continued to protect Rhamalai during his long lifespan, until his death during the Jedi Purge.

With the Jedi gone, the Cherishites began working towards establishing a planetary government. Much of Rhamalai's economy relied on agriculture, and this was something the Empire used to its advantage. The planet was conquered by the Galactic Empire at some point after the decisive Battle of Yavin. One male from each Cherishite family was taken by the Empire and conscripted into Imperial service.