This article is about the language of the alien species Chevin. You may be looking for the Chevin species.

Chevin was the native tongue of the Chevin species and the official language of planet Vinsoth.

There was another native species to Vinsoth besides of the Chevins: The Chevs, who had their own language. However, the Chevs were slaves to the Chevins, and the Chevins forced their Chev slaves to learn Chevin language (usually they also made them learn Basic). Thus, the Chevin language was spoken by both Chevs and Chevins, while Chev language was spoken only by the Chevs.

As all the Chev speakers were familiar with the Chevin language, the Chevin language had a great influence on the Chev language.

Of course, Chevins traveling through the galaxy also learned to speak Basic.

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