"I've been in charge of the Guild Museum and Library for a long time, and, over the years more than a few young hunters have told me that they little interest in history, that they were more interested in the present and moments yet to come."
―Weeyo's opening to his section of The Bounty Hunters' Code[src]

The title of Chief Custodian was one given by the Bounty Hunters' Guild to the individual who was placed in charge of the Bounty Hunters Guild Museum and Library. The Rodian bounty hunter Kenek Weeyo held the role for many years, and contributed a chapter to the Guild's member handbook The Bounty Hunter Code at some point after the fall of the Jedi Order.[1]

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The title of Chief Custodian was first mentioned in the 2014 reference book, The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett which was written by Daniel Wallace, Jason Fry and Ryder Windham.


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