Chief Manager was a title that was held by the leader of the city Morjanssik on the planet Mon Calamari. An election for the position of Chief Manager was enacted every two years and voting was held by secret ballot, with all adult Quarren in the city, other than those guilty of major crimes, being eligible to vote. The Chief Manager was responsible for the operation of nearly all services in Morjanssik and held almost unlimited power in the city. However, the Chief Manager was overseen by the Oversight Committee, an elected body that convened once a week to review the actions of the Chief Manager. If the Oversight Committee disagreed with a decision that the Chief Manager had made, they could request that the Manager reconsider and if the Manager refused to revoke the decision, the Committee could order a vote of confidence in the leader to be held amongst the city's population. If the Chief Manager then lost the vote, the Manager would be forced to resign and an election for a new Manager would be held.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Quarren Moren Chonk served as the Chief Manager of Morjanssik. Chonk was an ineffective leader and he delegated most of his duties to his advisor, Assistant Manager Kelmut Wolg.