The primary office of the New Republic's Chief of State was located within the old Imperial Palace on Coruscant.


Occupying a chamber deep within the heart of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, the office of the New Republic's Chief of State served as the primary chambers used by the Republic's leader. With red-hued walls and "windows" which presented real time holoimages from the outside, the office was occupied by two different Chiefs during its use.[1] From this office Chief Mon Mothma briefed agents Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors prior to their deployment to Artus Prime.[2] Later, Chief Borsk Fey'lya would come to occupy the office until his death and the office's destruction in 27 ABY.[3]

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Ironically, the expansive windows and red color scheme of Mon Mothma's office bore a passing resemblance to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Executive Office.



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